Dr. Matthew Wolfe Welcomes You to Signature Dentistry of Rochester in Rochester Hills, MI

Dr. Matthew Wolfe Welcomes You to Signature Dentistry of Rochester in Rochester Hills, MI

Matthew Wolfe: I really like to treat patients on a comprehensive level. I take a look at the whole system. I take a look at the jaw joints, the muscles, and the teeth, because they all have to function together properly in order for things to last, to keep teeth from breaking, and to keep the patient out of pain.

Speaker 2: The staff is wonderful. As soon as you walk in the door, they're very welcoming, and on the phone as well when they're calling to remind you of appointments or making appointments, they're very helpful. We bring my children here to see Dr. Wolfe, and they're fabulous with the kids, very knowledgeable, set the kids' minds at ease if they're nervous at all. They actually enjoy coming to the dentist when we come here to see Dr. Wolfe.

Speaker 3: Not only is Dr. Wolfe a superior dentist, the entire staff is wonderful. From the minute I walk in, I feel like it's a cross between friends and family.

Speaker 4: Dr. Wolfe explains everything right from the beginning. When he talks to you, he talks to you direct, and he wants to know what your problems are, how you feel about things, what your goals are, and he gives you different ways to achieve those things. He does it in a way that's very comfortable.

Speaker 5: He took the time to listen to what my worries were and didn't make me feel silly about them.

Speaker 6: Dr. Wolfe is head and shoulders above everybody else I've seen. I was one of those fearful of dentists people. They put me at ease here, and there isn't any pain, and his work is outstanding compared to other dentists that I've gone to.

Speaker 7: He's up on the latest technology. He's up on the latest processes and procedures. He makes you feel welcome. He genuinely cares for you as a patient and your health.

Speaker 8: They're all just this compassionate group. They are concerned about you as a patient, and I just feel like you're given the greatest of service here.