Porcelain Veneers for a Refreshing Smile - Dr. Wolfe

With porcelain veneers, your dream smile is achievable! With veneers, there is minimal tooth preparation. Veneers are a simple way to change the shape, color and size of your teeth. Contact Dr. Wolfe in Rochester Hills, MI for more info and book your consult for veneers today! https://www.myrochesterhillsdentist.com/ Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI Dr. Matthew Wolfe (248) 266-0385 Dr. Matthew Wolfe, dentist at Signature Dentistry, has extensive training and experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We take a comprehensive approach to all facets of dentistry to ensure that the dental treatment you receive will enhance both your natural smile and your oral health. If you need a Family Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI who is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile, contact our office for a new patient consultation.

Dr. Matthew Wolfe: So, when a patient comes in the office looking to improve their smile, one of the options that we usually discuss are dental veneers. Many patients don't know what a veneer is, and basically it's a thin piece of porcelain that glued to the front of the teeth. The nice thing about veneers, there's usually very little, if any, tooth structure that needs to be removed. So, very little drilling of the teeth, which patients like.

Any general dentist can go through and put veneers on patients. Sometimes you hear horror stories of patients not liking the looks of the veneers. They don't feel right, things like that. The thing that definitely sets up apart from other offices, is the amount of planning and preparation that goes in to what we like to call our smile design. Another thing that we like to do is use high quality laboratories to fabricate the veneers. The veneers basically are a work of art that is made by a laboratory ceramist, on a desktop, and having a technician that can make that veneer look as life like, will enhance somebody's smile tremendously.

So that when we're completed with a case, and the patient looks at their self for the first time in the mirror, they have a huge smile and they're thoroughly happy and smiling ear to ear when they leave the office.