Braces to Straighten Crooked Teeth - Discussed by Dr. Matthew Wolfe - Rochester Hills, MI

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Speaker 1: So when patients come to the office and they're not happy with the position of their teeth, whether they're too crowded or there's too much spacing, there's a couple of options that they can use to correct that. One of the options is standard braces, which some patients, that is the best option to correct their problem. In many cases, a simple procedure like Invisalign can be used to help straighten the teeth. The thing that our patients really love about Invisalign is that it's not the metal brackets and the metal wire that many people think of when they think of orthodontics or they think of braces. It's a thin little tray that is worn over the teeth for a year to two years and it slowly moves the teeth into the proper position. Having teeth in the right position does not only make a beautiful smile, but it also helps with cleaning the teeth therefore preventing any issues with gum disease and also having the teeth in proper alignment makes them function better together. So if you have crooked teeth and you're looking for a simple, conservative option, Invisalign may be the best choice for you.