Family Dentist Review - Dr. Matthew Wolfe at Signature Dentistry of Rochester - Rochester Hills MI Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI Dr. Matthew Wolfe (248) 266-0385 The patient shown in this video has been coming to the office for two years and has referred family members to the dental office. She loves the office and staff because everyone is very professional and the office is very clean. The dental work she has had done here has been exceptional especially the tooth fillings. If you need a Family Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI who is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile, contact our office for a new patient consultation.

Speaker 1: Okay. I've been coming to Dr. Wolfe's office for about two years now. I started just myself coming, and now I've referred family members to him as well. We love the office. We love the staff. Everybody is professional. The office is clean. The work that Dr. Wolf has done for me has been exceptional. I've had fillings done. I've had no problems, and I just love coming here.