What is Comprehensive Dental Care? - Dr. Matthew Wolfe - Rochester Hills, MI

Signature Dentistry of Rochester offers patients a comprehensive dental care approach. But what exactly does that mean? Dr. Wolfe discusses the approach by using an example. If a patient comes in with a broken, cracked or painful tooth our office can easily fix the tooth; however, we want to get to the root of the problem. What caused the tooth to break, crack, or hurt? First we evaluate the chewing system. Do the upper and lower teeth come together properly? Dr. Wolfe evaluates the entire system to see if any issues needs to be addressed. Next we work with the patient to find the best treatment option. Comprehensive dentistry is extremely beneficial to patients because this approach can decrease the number of dental appointments you need throughout your life by addressing issues on the forefront. If you need a Family Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI who is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile, contact our office for a new patient consultation.

Dentist: In our office, we like to treat patients using a complete comprehensive care approach. Many of my patients ask me, "What does that mean?" And so, in explaining to them, I use the example of somebody coming in with a tooth that is either broken or has a crack in it, or is painful and while we can easily fix that tooth, I want to figure out what caused that tooth to break, what caused it to crack or what's causing it to hurt and we do that by evaluating the entire chewing system. Making sure that the teeth, mainly the upper teeth and the lower teeth, are coming together properly and just evaluating the system to see if there's any problems that need to be addressed. I'd much rather solve the main problem, rather than putting out smaller problems and having more issues down the road.

Another part of working in a complete care environment is working with the patient to find the best treatment option that fits their current situation. Where they are in their lives is important, so by utilizing a complete comprehensive care approach to any dental treatment that you may need, it can significantly decrease the number of dental appointments you end up needing throughout your life.