TMJ Dentist Review - Dr. Matthew Wolfe - Rochester Hills, MI

Mary Rose shares her first experience at Signature Dentistry of Rochester. She had numerous issues with dentists in the past and has finally found a doctor that she trusts. Dr. Wolfe performed an extensive exam on her face and jaws in order to determine what was causing her TMJ issues. The exam was very comprehensive and she now has answers to her dental questions. If you need a Family Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI who is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile, contact our office for a new patient consultation.

Mary Rose Maher: Hi, my name's Mary Rose [Maher], and I have recently become a patient of Dr. Wolfe's at Signature Dentistry, and I just want to say that it was an incredible experience for my first time. I've had dentist problems for the past seven years, and he was by far the best dentist I've seen in a very long time.

He did an incredible extensive exam on my face, and with my jaws, because I was having a lot of TMJ problems, and jaw problems. It was by far the best exam I've had, and I finally had answers to my questions I have been asking for a lot of dentists, so I really appreciate it, and I hope all is well.