Dentist Rochester Hills, MI | Signature Dentistry of Rochester Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI Dr. Matthew Wolfe (248) 266-0385 At Signature Dentistry of Rochester new patients are given a tour of the office during their first dental visit. Each patient is given a thorough dental exam which includes the analysis of the patients jaw to ensure they do not have any TMJ issues. Our goal is to understand each patient's oral health goals and establish a long lasting relationship. If you need a Family Dentist in Rochester Hills, MI who is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile, contact our office for a new patient consultation.

Speaker 1: So when a new patient comes into our office, they're instantly greeted with a smile. We take them on a tour of the office to show them around, get them familiar with the office and the different things that we do here. The next thing that we like to do is sit down and have just a conversation with the patient. We really like to get to know the patient on a personal level, find out about their job, their families before we even start talking any dental talk. Once we get to talking about dentistry, we want to get what their goals. Are they here just for a cleaning? Are there other issues they want to take care of? We really try to understand where they are in their lives and what they're looking for from our office.

Following the conversation, we perform probably the most thorough dental exam they've ever had. We check the jaw joints. We check the chewing muscles. We make sure the entire, what I like to call the jaw system or the chewing system, is in proper working order. We take a look at the teeth, obviously, and if there's any issues that I see, bring it up, inform the patient. And then using that information, I'll either talk about certain treatment options at that time, or if it's a little bit more involved treatment plan, then I'll bring the patient back so we can have more of a discussion on what the patient is looking for in their dental treatment, and what kind of outcome they're hoping to get. And we feel that having this type of new patient experience really builds the relationships and the trust that we're looking for with our patients.