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Kelly: Hi, my name is Kelly. I've been coming here to Dr. Wolf's office for several years now, mostly for standard cleanings and repairs and things like that. Then I decided to shift into braces, which for somebody my age is a bit unusual, but darn glad I did it. Had some pretty crooked teeth. They're not the best, but I'm getting there. I'm in my next phase, which is the implants. I just completed my first implant. I've got my first tooth back in my mouth, where I can now smile and I feel great about it. It's fabulous. I've got my second implant in, and soon to get that tooth. Then I've got to go to a third one. Hopefully, they'll be the last of the implants. The whole implant procedure was fabulous.

Kelly: Both the metal implants from a different doctor, and then I just got the tooth in. Like I said, I couldn't be happier.