Tooth-Colored Fillings in Rochester Hills, MI

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Dental cavities are a common problem that can develop when bacteria attacks your enamel and eats away at your teeth. At Signature Dentistry of Rochester, board-certified dentist Dr. Matthew Wolfe can treat your cavity using a variety of methods and filling types, such as resin dental fillings (also known as tooth bonding) and porcelain dental fillings. Previously, cavities were treated with an amalgam material, which is a combination of metals, like mercury or silver. These traditional amalgam fillings did not adhere well to the enamel and could cause the tooth structure to crack when ingesting certain hot or cold foods and liquids. Using composite restorations, we can bond the material to the tooth for extra strength. Getting a composite restoration can help to improve the look and quality of old fillings that were done utilizing the aged method of amalgam fillings.

Best Candidates

If you experience tooth pain or sensitivity, it could be due to a cavity. A routine dental exam with Dr. Wolfe will be able to verify the existence of said cavity. The filling method you receive upon treatment can depend on the severity of your cavity. Resin dental fillings are often used for minimal decay or minor cosmetic imperfections and involve the application of a tooth-colored resin directly to the affected area, which is then sculpted into form. These types of fillings are completed in a single visit. Porcelain dental fillings, however, are often used for more significant cases of damage and decay and require the porcelain inlay/onlay to be created in the laboratory. Since the material used in all filling types is tinted to blend with your teeth, fillings may be placed on the back and front teeth for a great finish. If you have amalgam fillings, you can speak to Dr. Wolfe about getting them taken out and redone with composite resin.

What To Expect

Receiving a tooth-colored filling at Signature Dentistry of Rochester is usually a simple process. The treatment area will be numbed to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure. Stronger sedation methods may be considered for those who experience anxieties before the procedure or for those who require additional numbing. When the procedure begins, the infected enamel will be cleared away using a dental drill that Dr. Wolfe will choose based upon the location of the cavity and the amount of decay. Once the enamel is treated and the area is disinfected, the composite resin will be placed directly onto the tooth and sculpted to form.

If your cavity is more severe and requires a porcelain filling, then Dr. Wolfe will make an impression of the tooth and create a model for the laboratory where the porcelain inlay/onlay will be fabricated. Porcelain fillings often require more than one visit for completion.


You will be able to return to your daily routine once your tooth-colored filling is complete, but you may notice a sensitivity to cold and hot foods and beverages for 1 – 3 days. You can use nonprescription pain medication to treat discomfort; however, you shouldn't experience any serious problems. If your filling seems high or uneven, please contact our office. Your filling should be cleaned by following a regular home care routine, including daily flossing and brushing. During your annual examinations, Dr. Wolfe will check your filling to determine if it requires replacement or repair.

Insurance Coverage

Composite resin fillings and porcelain fillings are a standard treatment for dental cavities that are typically covered partially by insurance. A team member will talk to your dental insurance company to understand your coverage so we can calculate your bill. If you don't have dental insurance, Dr. Wolfe will discuss the payment methods we accept at your appointment, plus information on medical financing if needed.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities may begin as a normal problem, but it is crucial to have them fixed before they develop into a more serious issue. At Signature Dentistry of Rochester in Rochester Hills, MI, tooth decay and cavities may be corrected with composite resin fillings or porcelain fillings. Dr. Wolfe makes sure to match the shade of your teeth so you can have a healthy, attractive smile. If you think you or your child is experiencing the symptoms of tooth decay, contact us immediately to secure an appointment with Dr. Wolfe.

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