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A misaligned bite can be damaging to your gums and teeth, and it can also result in TMD or general discomfort in your jaw. An analysis of your bite is done to determine if you have a poor bite or a dental malocclusion. To complete a bite evaluation, board-certified dentist Dr. Matthew Wolfe utilizes innovative technologies at his practice in Rochester Hills, MI to check the potency of your teeth and to ascertain how much pressure is exerted by every tooth. A bite analysis could identify when you have a crossbite, overbite, or underbite. We also assess your muscles, jaw, and teeth as a whole to try to find any underlying difficulties that can be brought on by a poor bite. If not handled correctly, a poor bite may result in future issues, which could be debilitating and painful. Therefore, it is crucial to get a diagnosis when you have a painful or uncomfortable bite. To have a bite analysis performed, contact our team at Signature Dentistry of Rochester.

Best Candidates

You may have many reasons to undergo a bite diagnosis to decide whether a disorder is present. The most common symptoms include broken, chipped, cracked, or crooked teeth, pain while chewing, chronic jaw aches or headaches, an inflamed or rigid jaw, and receding gums. Sometimes a misaligned bite can also result in teeth grinding, also called bruxism, which has the potential to cause additional pain and wear down the enamel of your natural teeth.

What to Expect

Your bite analysis usually is made up of electronic imaging, a 3D oral scan, and a bite study along with a physical evaluation performed by Dr. Wolfe. Once the problems with your bite are recognized, there are several treatment options that will be based on the severity of your misaligned bite. In more moderate instances, a nighttime dental guard is generally advocated, though some serious conditions may require operative therapy.


If you experience additional problems with your alignment, even after the completion of therapy, Dr. Wolfe can perform modifications to your bite. It is advised to continue a good at-home dental hygiene regimen following your treatment, such as regular flossing, brushing, and rinsing with mouthwash. You should also continue to schedule your annual dental examinations at Signature Dentistry of Rochester so Dr. Wolfe can monitor the condition of your bite over time.

Insurance Coverage

Your cost for a bite evaluation will depend on the imaging that was used. Before your bite analysis, our financial staff will get in touch with your insurance provider to ascertain what is covered and if there will be any additional expenses. Signature Dentistry of Rochester takes several payment options, and we can also assist you in attaining low-interest medical financing so that your therapy is more affordable.

Bite Analysis

If you're experiencing any abnormalities with your bite or feel pain when you eat or speak, you should consider undergoing a bite analysis. Dr. Wolfe can diagnose the contributing issue and assist you in taking care of your misaligned bite before any additional damage can occur. Employing state-of-the-art technologies, Signature Dentistry of Rochester will collect all of the information required to provide you an analysis and customized treatment to renew your bite and dental wellness.

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