What to Expect from Your Dental Exam

A dental exam consists of several parts that are intended to make sure all parts of your mouth are healthy. A dental exam follows your dental cleaning, making it easier to get a clear view of your teeth and gums.

First, Rochester Hills dentist Dr. Wolfe will examine your teeth. He will look at your teeth to make sure there are no signs of decay. He will pay special attention to the areas around your fillings and other restorations. This is to make sure that decay isn’t growing there, which could lead to the restorations failing.

Next, Dr. Wolfe will examine your gums. He will look for areas that are red, as well as for any signs of bleeding. He may measure the spaces between your teeth and gums. Deep pits here are signs that bacteria are separating your teeth and gums, which can lead to bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

Finally, Dr. Wolfe will look for troubling lesions that might be signs of oral cancer. As with other types of cancer, your treatment options are wider when it’s detected earlier. Treatment is also more likely to be successful when cancer is detected earlier.

How Often Should You Get an Exam?

For most people, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends getting a dental exam twice a year. This is a good frequency for most people.

For other people, more frequent dental visits are recommended. For example, if you have a history of tooth loss in your family, it might be good to get more frequent exams. Or if you have a personal medical history of gum disease, it’s a good idea to see us more frequently. Even after you finish your course of scaling and planing, more frequent exams can help make sure you stay on track.

Finally, some types of dental procedures need more frequent check-ups. During your first year of wear, for example, dentures often need frequent adjustments. For people who lost their teeth to gum disease, frequent check-ups can help make sure the disease doesn’t cause you to lose your implants.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam in Rochester Hills

Are you overdue for a dental exam or experiencing anxiety at the health of your teeth? If so, then a dental exam can put your mind at ease and help you head off any unpleasant surprises.

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