What Is Crown Lengthening?

The crown is the part of the tooth that is visible over the gums. For most people, there is a good balance between the visible and concealed part of the tooth, letting teeth show off their entire, attractive length. But for some people, so much of the tooth is concealed below the gums that the tooth itself looks small.

To overcome this problem, Rochester Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Wolfe removes excess gum tissue from around the tooth. This lets the tooth show its full height so that your smile can look as big and bright as it should. This procedure is closely related to and can be combined with laser gum contouring.

Are You a Candidate?

If your teeth look small, you might be a candidate for crown lengthening. However, Rochester Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Wolfe will perform an exam first to be sure.

In his exam, Dr. Wolfe will figure out why your teeth look small. If he discovers that the cause is overgrown but healthy gums, he will recommend crown lengthening. If your gums are overgrown but not healthy, he might recommend a different procedure, such as gum disease treatment. Then you might be able to return for crown lengthening.

Sometimes, though, the problem is that your teeth are actually small. If that’s the case, Dr. Wolfe will recommend techniques to lengthen them. While dental bonding works well for an individual tooth, veneers or crowns work better if you have many small teeth that need to be built up. In addition, if your teeth are small because they’ve been worn down, Dr. Wolfe might recommend full mouth reconstruction and/or an evaluation for temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).

The Crown Lengthening Procedure

Once Rochester Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Wolfe has determined that crown lengthening is right for you, you will come back for the procedure. First, we will perform a thorough cleaning of the area, including drying it so that moisture in your mouth doesn’t interfere with the procedure. Then Dr. Wolfe will use a laser to remove the excess gum tissue.

The laser works quickly, and there is minimal bleeding or discomfort. The entire procedure can usually be completed in a single visit. After a final rinse, you can get a look at your results. However, the results will evolve over the next 1-3 weeks, which might include short-term swelling.

Are You Considering Crown Lengthening in Rochester Hills?

If you are unhappy because your teeth look too small when you smile, crown lengthening might be right for you. Please call (248) 651-0897 today for an appointment with Rochester Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Wolfe at Signature Dentistry of Rochester.