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Dental Implants

Answers to All Your Questions About Missing Teeth

When you have lost teeth or face the loss of all or some of your teeth, you have lots of questions. Rightly, so! Losing and replacing teeth is serious business, and you want to get them replaced correctly the first time. Here are some common questions and answers about missing teeth and [...]

Importance of Replacing Your Mis(s)ing Teeth

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, you may be wondering if it’s really necessary to seek treatment right away. While paying to have a tooth replaced may not seem appealing, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Without rapid treatment, you could suffer from a variety of unpleasant consequences. Here are a [...]

Choose Dental Implants For These 6 Reasons

More patients nowadays are choosing dental implants in Rochester Hills. While dentures and bridges are alternative options for tooth replacement, there are several key benefits to implants. What Are Dental Implants? There are many reasons behind tooth loss. From {{{{link id='51040' text='severe gum disease'}}}} to tooth decay, or simply an accident that causes [...]

3 Types of Dental Implants To Replace Your Teeth

If you have missing teeth, you’ve probably considered the possibility of dental implants. You might require {{{{link id='51027' text='different types of dental implants to suit your needs and comfort'}}}}. It depends on the number of missing teeth, though. Considering the nature of implants and the procedures needed to embed them into the bone of [...]

Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution For Missing Teeth

For many patients in our practice and around the world, the best solution for missing teeth are dental implants. There is nothing as long-lasting, natural looking and hassle free if you have one or more lost teeth. Dr. Matthew Wolfe can help guide you through the process of having an implant placed [...]

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