If you’re looking for an orthodontic solution to your smile’s alignment issues, you have more options today than anyone has before. The most popular options for many adults are either traditional braces, because they get predictably good results with a method that has decades of success behind it, or Invisalign, because of the discreet profile and minimal dietary changes needed to make it successful. If you’re trying to decide between these approaches, there are a few things you should know before you talk to a dentist in Rochester Hills, MI.

Invisalign Rochester Hills MI

Benefits and Drawbacks of Traditional Braces

While there are a lot of success stories and the process for placing and adjusting braces has been well-known to the dental and orthodontic communities for years, there are some issues with it as well. Benefits include:

  • Reliable straightening for even extreme misalignment
  • Adjustable pace of change to fit patient needs and comfort levels
  • Simple, well-known orthodontics and care processes
  • Many parents feel comfortable with it for their kids because of personal familiarity with the process
  • Useful for patients at all ages

The drawbacks from traditional braces aren’t extreme, and they are well-known. Braces require a patient to adjust their approach to many aspects of personal care and hygiene. They need to be checked to keep the brackets free of food debris after meals, and patient diets need to change to embrace foods that minimize the issue of debris. Additionally, some foods can damage braces, and those need to be avoided. Patients also sometimes experience discomfort with the visibility of braces, and some experience changes to their speech patterns.

Invisalign: A More Discreet Option

The biggest reason patients prefer aligner trays? They literally have none of the drawbacks of braces. The kind of discomfort brackets cause is avoided, and aligners can be removed for meals or speaking engagements. There are limitations, though. Aligners work for mild or moderate changes, but they can not be used for most major changes. To learn more, contact our office and make an appointment with Dr. Wolfe today.

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