If you have missing teeth in Rochester Hills, MI, you’ve probably considered the possibility of dental implants. Depending on the number and placement of teeth you have missing, different types of dental implants may be required to suit your needs and safely reconstruct your smile. Considering the nature of implants and the procedures needed to embed them into the bone of your jaw, the American Dental Association monitors implant procedures closely and has identified two as safe: subperiostal, and endosteal implants.

Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implant procedures can be complicated, but are one option for providing a new foundation to affix artificial teeth. Subperiosteal implants involve:

  • Affixing a metal frame to the jawbone beneath the gum tissue of the affected area
  • Waiting for the gums to appropriately heal while the frame seals to the jawbone
  • Making use of posts attached to the frame to mount artificial teeth

Subperiosteal implants are often indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Endosteal Implants

Rather than using a framework, endosteal implants are placed directly in the jawbone using posts and requires not one, but two surgeries. The first surgery is required to insert the posts for the implants into the jawbone. The second surgery adds the posts, at which point a dental professional can attach one of three types of implants to the post:

  • A single tooth
  • A dental bridge grouping
  • A denture piece

Often these pieces are shaped to mimic the color and configuration of your existing teeth to provide a seamless, normal smile.

What Type of Implants Do You Need?

The type of dental implants in Rochester Hills, MI you need may be determined as much by your budget as by the condition of your remaining teeth and the bone beneath the gums. A qualified dental professional can provide a deeper insight on the best choice to restore your smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wolfe of Signature Dentistry to discuss your options, and make the right choice for the type of implants necessary to replace your missing teeth. Call our office at (248) 243-1039 or schedule an appointment online today!

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