More patients nowadays are choosing dental implants in Rochester Hills. While dentures and bridges are alternative options for tooth replacement, there are several key benefits to implants.

handsome man relaxes on his couchWhat Are Dental Implants?

There are many reasons behind tooth loss. From severe gum disease to tooth decay, or simply an accident that causes tooth breakage, missing teeth can happen in life. However, missing teeth can ultimately affect your smile, confidence, eating, and overall lifestyle.

A small titanium fixture, a dental implant replaces the “root” of a natural missing tooth. It works as an “anchor” for your replacement tooth and is placed on the upper or lower jaw where the gap resides.

The Main Components

Dental implants have three components, which are outlined below:

The Crown: Made from ceramic, this mimics a real tooth. 

The Connector: Secures your dental implant crown to the base of your jaw.

The Base: Lastly, this part of your dental implant fuses to the natural bone for security and stability.