Did you know May 25’th is National Wine Day! If one of your favorite beverages is wine, then get ready to celebrate. You might already be aware of wine’s many health benefits. However, you might not like how it stains your teeth, especially if you are into the red varieties. Before you pour your next glass of vino, Dr. Matthew Wolfe wants you to know that teeth whitening in Rochester Hills, MI can keep your smile nice and bright.


Good oral hygiene is a must for wine drinkers. Dirty teeth are covered with plaque and bacteria, giving the staining properties of wine something to adhere to. Regardless of the day, you should never neglect your dental health. On days you plan to indulge in foods and beverages that can affect your teeth’s color and health, such as red wine and coffee, it is best to exercise a little caution. The acid content in wine can soften the enamel on your teeth and cause dental problems. Rinse your mouth with water after consumption to reduce the likelihood of stains and tooth decay so consider having your teeth whitened in addition to regular maintenance.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Wolfe advises patients to wait a day or two after having professional teeth whitening before consuming red wine and other potentially staining beverages and foods. Teeth are most prone to staining immediately following a whitening treatment. This is because teeth whitening treatment temporarily opens the pores of the teeth, increasing the chances of discoloration. Red wine should be avoided for about two days after whitening. White wine is not staining to teeth. Good oral hygiene and routine dental treatment can keep your teeth white and healthy.

If you are ready to celebrate National Wine Day and not willing to suffer the embarrassment of having stained teeth, contact our cosmetic dentist in Rochester Hills, MI to schedule a teeth whitening treatment appointment at (248) 243-1039 or visit us online. Dr. Wolfe and the team at Signature Dentistry of Rochester offer a variety of dental services to protect your beautiful smile!

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