Quick, Accurate, No-Mess Impressions with Trios

From a dental crown to oral appliance therapy, almost every dental treatment requires an impression of your teeth. In the past, this meant biting down into plaster or some foamy goo. This tasted bad, felt worse, made many people gag, and took up a lot of time.

Now, though, Rochester Hills dentist Dr. Wolfe can get impressions without any of that mess. Instead, he uses Trios intraoral scanners. These digital scanners work like a magic wand: he literally waves them over your teeth to construct a digital 3D model of your teeth. He can then send this model quickly and accurately to a dental lab一or any number of dental labs一to get your restorations made.

The benefits of this technology make for a much more pleasant dental experience:

  • No need to bite into unpleasant trays
  • You don’t have to sit still while material sets
  • Digital scanning is faster
  • High accuracy
  • Impressions get to lab more quickly
  • Impressions available for easy future reference

This technology helps you enjoy faster and more comfortable dental appointments.

Fast, Affordable Tooth Replacement with All-On-4

If you have lost most or all of your teeth, you might think that you have to accept the limitations of traditional dentures. However, if you’re looking to get an attractive, fully functional set of teeth, consider All-On-4.

Advanced engineering means that you need only four dental implants to support a full set of teeth. Even people with significant bone loss can get the procedure without the need for a bone graft. The solution is engineered so well that most people can get their full set of teeth in one day一often the same day they have their teeth removed. Best of all, the procedure costs a fraction of what you might have been quoted for other dental implant procedures.

Attractive and Strong Tooth Replacement with Prettau Bridges

If you’re looking to replace lost teeth with the strongest and most attractive restorations available, consider Prettau bridges. These bridges are made of monolithic zirconia ceramic. The monolithic construction eliminates weak joints, and the ceramic is many times stronger than natural teeth. It’s even stronger than the titanium used in dental implants.

Plus, the unique process of Prettau bridges helps them look very natural–they are often considered the most natural looking ceramic bridges.

ProSomnus: A Slender, Comfortable Oral Appliance

When it comes to finding a snoring solution, comfort is key. You need to be able to sleep with the device in, and, ideally, you should feel as if you aren’t wearing any device at all. ProSomnus achieves this effect by being one of the slimmest oral appliances around.

This all-plastic device doesn’t require you to open your mouth as wide to maintain an open airway. This makes it comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, it’s made of a very strong material–and backs it up with a three-year warranty–the longest in the industry.

Benefit from Advanced Dental Technology in Rochester Hills

If you are tired of coping with uncomfortable and annoying outdated dental technologies, it’s time to make a change. To see how you could enjoy a better dental experience with advanced technology, please call (248) 651-0897 today for an appointment at Signature Dentistry of Rochester in Rochester Hills.